C & W Embroidery | Capabilities
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C&W has 62 Tajima embroidery machines and maintains the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry.  The facility has been designed to ensure real-time monitoring of a customer’s order from receipt of goods to final shipment.  Services and capabilities include, digitizing / tape design, contract embroidery, finishing, and shipping.

Digitizing / Tape Design

C&W’s digitizer has over 20 years of professional experience and is able to provide custom digitizing for any type of logo to ensure an exceptional quality look and feel.  Upon creation of a logo, C&W will provide a sew-out for final approval before an order is marked for production.  Once a logo is approved, C&W will save the logo to its current database, which consists of thousands of logos.


With 67 embroidery machines and industry-leading experience and expertise, C&W has the ability to crest over 5.0 million logos annually.  We are able to embellish any type of garment and service any size order, completing most orders within 3-5 days while also offering rush order services of 1 and 2-day turnarounds.   The Company’s facility network layout enables machine operators to directly scan work orders, which ensures the correct digitized file is utilized for the cresting of garments and eliminates any potential for error.  Given C&W’s focus on quality, attention to detail and customer service, we have a historical error rate of less than 0.5%.


Upon completion of the embroidery and cresting process, each garment undergoes a highly detailed inspection.  This includes trimming, hand-steaming, and individual folding & bagging.  C&W can also heat seal your garment as part of the finishing process.  Furthermore, C&W has capabilities to heat transfer logos on a wide variety of garments, provide sew-in labels and apply tags / tickets to finished goods.


C&W has the ability to ship over 15,000 crested units per day and ships daily via UPS, FedEx and an array of other carriers. C&W’s capabilities include 1, 2, and 3-day rush options to meet customer needs and can drop ship to countless destinations throughout the U.S.